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Setting up a simple blog is hard

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I didn’t think it could take that much time to set up just a few pages, and i’m not talking about the technical aspect of creating, deploying and setting up everything:
the hardest part has been to decide what to write, where to write it, how to present it and even just appointing a few links and images here and there.

I know that designing an efficient and visually appealing website is something that requires experience, knowledge, skills and expertise (or we wouldn’t have the web designer figure at all), but i didn’t realize how hard is to actually sit down and decide “where should i put this button?” or “do these column look better on mobile if i add a little more padding on the left side?”.

Even just putting together a few things for a blog that won’t cater to big audiences (if any at all) has been more stressful than i could imagine; i hope writing random silly things on it at least would be easier.

2 thoughts on “Setting up a simple blog is hard”

  1. Hi giorgio.
    I’ve a blog too, and I know very well the feeling of sit in front your computer and decide what you have to write. Maybe the problem is in what WE HAVE TO DO. You are a brilliant guy with a smart mind. I wish that you can re-start to write here, maybe you think that your ideas or your thoughts aren’t enough to be heard or read but you can trust me: it’s always enough for who want hear you. I wish that you can find the courage, your world needs you. And that’s enough. Have a good day, G

    1. Hey Giulia,
      Thanks for stopping by, sometimes the words like yours are the ones capable of bringing hope and strength in someone to get back on track once again. I cannot promise, not to you neither to myself, that this will be the last time i step out of the road ahead of me, but i’ll be glad to give it a shot once more, for me, for you and for whoever else stumbles upon this small corner of the web.
      I hope you’ll have a wonderful day.
      Take care,

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