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What I blog about

My short story

I was born in 1993 in Naples, Italy.

I started interacting with a computer when i was 4 years old. It ran Windows 95 on a blazing fast Pentium II 300 MHz, which was enough for me to play my favourite game: drawing random things on Paint.

My mothers always tells me about how i couldn’t stop listening to old music tapes since i was around 7 years old, which soon after translated in my starting to sing all my favorite songs, not worrying at all about being good at it or not.

When i was 8, my parents gifted me my first console, an amazing purple transparent Game Boy Color, together with Pokémon Blue. Needless to say, that little fellow filled my days for a very long time, together with all the following generations, games and consoles.

I also often drew, read books, watched movies, and took photographs, because my Father has always been passionate in all of these things.

Years have passed now, but this is still me: just a little older, a little taller and with a beard.